Breaking Your Opponent

Excerpt from the book "Catch Them Being Good" by Tony DiCicco (Former National Team Coach)

“I also remember a game we played in Trinidad and Tobago in 1994. Kristine Lilly was playing against a Canadian outside midfielder who was an exceptional player. They were going up and down the field and Kristine literally ran this excellent player into the ground. Her consistency was incredible; she never took a break. She never said, ‘Well, this time I won’t run.’ Late in the game we won the ball, and Kristine took off again as she had all game long. Then, right in front of our bench, the Canadian player threw up her hands and said, ‘Go ahead, go ahead. Pass her the ball. I’m sick of chasing her.’ Kristine had taken this excellent player to a level where she literally gave up. This was an example of Kristine living up to her own standard of excellence and to the high standards of the team.” (Page 78)

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