Blue and White Scrimmage

The girls played a hard, physical game against each other tonight (and they're all still friends!). Tonight gave you just a taste of what we've had the privilege of seeing all week....a special group of young ladies who work hard, push each other, and have a desire to see this team go farther than any other in the history of B.H.S. Girl's Soccer.

I would venture a guess the girls' favorite part was when the winning coaches (Brambley and Grimes) got to pick punishment for the losing coach......and so it was butts-up for Beaver Barrett!

Of course Coach Brambley was not about to miss out on this opportunity so he ran to get suited up for the attack.

Each girl was given one shot at Coach Schrock.

I think Katie Pyle snuck in about 49 extras....but who's counting! We were on a mission and she finally succeeded by hitting the target.

Team Photos