.....and let the season begin!

What an exciting 2011 preseason. We're proud of these girls and how hard they worked.
It's going to be a fantastic season of learning, growing, team building, and working to produce a
group of champions in soccer and life!
Here's a peek into our two weeks of camp.......
Near the beginning of the week, the girls took a personality test to see which animal they were most like: lion, otter, beaver, retriever. Then they worked in their team builder teams
to design a t-shirt. After taking the personality test, they had a better understanding of how teams function best when using the strengths of each personality type.
The winning t-shirt design came from two teams: the front and back of the Hashkekemas
and the quote from the Black Fighter Jets. The design will be made into a real t-shirt for
the girls to wear!
Walla Walla Weasle Whackers hard at work designing!

Team Builder Puzzle Run
The girls ran with their team builder team to a
designated point in which they were each given a puzzle piece.
The first team back to the track to put their puzzle together
won. Each puzzle had a quote on it and the girls had to tell
how the quote applied to them on the soccer field.
Kelly, Kelsey, Shelly, Hannah, Makayla
Team Building Time.....who will get their bucket of water
where it needs to be without spilling it (and only
using their feet)!
Alyssa, Fleener, Paiger, Kourt, Spencer
Water Carrier Team Builder Champs!
Erin, Carrie, KP, Hyndman

Fitness Olympics is always a preseason hit.
Team Wales scooped up the championship title!
Erin, Carrie, Kate, Alyssa

Coach Brambley waits all year for his favorite event...
seal crawls!

Of course anyone who wants to get out of seal crawls is welcome
to walk on their hands!

We have to hop how far with this ball?

Piggyback Runs
Kelsey and Makayla

Piggyback Runs
Kourt and Hyndman

Piggyback Runs
Phylis and Devon - Kate and Alyssa

Running up the hill and rolling down made for some pretty
dizzy girls!

Wheelbarrow Race
Mayo and Alayna

There are going to be some sore arms and shoulders tomorrow!
KP (her partner is hidden), Kourt, Hyndman, Fleener, Monica

Wheelbarrow race - smart to have a gymnast as your partner!
Erin and Carrie

On the first day of camp the girls were put into Team Builder Teams.
Their first assignment was to come up with the most creative team name. Best
name was awarded a team point. Points were accumulated throughout the two
weeks of preseason for various competitions. Championship team was
announced on the final day!
Purple Perpendicular Pizzazzed Platypuses
Paiger, Fleener, Alyssa, Kourt, Spencer
(Coach Schrock was recruited to finish the foundation)

This team put the first two letters of each team member together to form their name!
Hannah, Shelly, Kelly, Kelsey, Makayla

The Blazing Bumblebees
Autumn, Phylis, Gert, Taylor, Megan

Pickled Weasle Fig Newtons on Black Fighter Jets
KP, Erin, Hyndman, Carrie
This team ended up being our champions at the end of camp with
a score of 18 points.

Winning the most creative team name....Walla Walla Weasle Whackers
Jess, Devon, Kate, Monica, Alayna

Blue and White Scrimmage gives everyone a glimpse of what's to come.....and this year
is going to be exciting!

Blue Team!

White Team!

Team Picnic

This wonderful cake was made by Gwen Querry!
Rope Swingers - Autumn, Mollie, Katie, Hannah, Lydia,
and Paiger


The team builder goal was for each team member to place a
cookie on their forehead and get it into their mouth without
using their hands.
Erin gets a point for her team!
Kelly is close!
Makayla...what a striking pose!
Hey Phylis...whatever it takes to get it in the mouth!
She got it!

Brook - Our only Hyndman girl....so we gave her the unique
nickname of...........Hyndman!

Kelsey did it!

Some people on this team try to get a nap in whenever
they can!

I detect a hint of mental brokeness!

Coach Brambley said the only reason I got the cookie in my
mouth was because I have a bigger mouth than he and Coach Schrock.
Brambley...those who lack
skill always have an excuse for losing!

Looks yummy.....a stop at the ice cream stand.
The girls said ice cream always makes a soccer
player run faster!

Team Photos