2011 Day at Outdoor Odyssey

Go Jess!

Kelly Beegle on the Leap of Faith

Kourtney...this girl never stops smiling!

Katie Fleener....loving this!

Paiger on the Leap of Faith

Taylor and Devon.....what makes this high wire so much
easier is when you stick your tongue out and bite it!

Lydia on the Leap of Faith

Kelsey on the Leap of Faith - scared to death but did it

Monica and Autumn

Erin - poised before the leap!

Let's get rolling...we're ready to conquer these wires!

Coach Schrock...should we get him down or just let him
up there for awhile!

Autumn...if only this picture had audio!

Brook - found a creative way to get into the tire

Shelly on the Leap of Faith


Alayna and Emilee

Now there's a comedy team for you....Erin and Kourtney!

Katie - what a ham!

Alayna - Leap of Faith

Lydia and Paiger - let's get rolling!

Object was to reach the opposite side and position themselves
the same way they started. No more than 3 on a tire at a
time and no feet touching the ground.

Had to move objects from one side to the other only using
heads and midsections. No hands, arms, or legs could touch
the object. Lydia and Shannon found a creative way to
move the disc.

Thinking their dentists would give them a good lecture about
the above picture, they decided to try a different method the
2nd time.

Now this is a winning team right here....just saying!

3 men rowing

crow's nest

Proof of which side was the weak link.

Only these two would come up with a picture like this!
Just need some face paint and we're set!

Friendship circle and somehow the topic of a snipe kept
coming up. Most of the girls don't know what a snipe is.....
I'm thinking the next team activity will need to be a snipe

Yeah...Coach Schrock and I are proud to be seen in public
with these girls!

Started off our day watching the Division 1 St Francis
girls practice.

Team Photos