On Saturday, January 29 this group of girls invaded St Francis University for the High School Tournament. We had enough girls to enter 3 teams!

Front (left to right) Carrie Baker (10th), Maddie Hershberger (8th)

Middle (left to right) Cheyanne Bebout (8th), Devon Layton (8th), Paige Diehl (8th), Katie Fleener (8th), Hannah Grimes (10th), Erin Mueller (10th), Kelly Beegle (11th), Kelsey Koontz (8th)

Back (left to right) Megan Ooghe (8th), Kellie Pyle (9th), Kourtney Mortimore (8th), Alayna Hammond (8th), Shelley Robison (9th), Taylor Easter (8th), Kaitlyn Foor (8th), Makayla Robinette (9th), Jess Querry (9th), Darian Fetters (11th), Kayla Straub (10th)

Our teams were made up of some of the youngest in the tournament. We're so proud of these girls and looking forward to a bright future for the BHS girl's soccer program!

Our Three Teams Were......
Team C


Team A

Hmmmm......do we really want to win this thing and take home shirts???
YES, YES YES!!! We lost in the championship last year and we were not about to be denied a new piece of clothing two years in a row!

.....and so these girls got the job done!

2011 St Francis Champions

A faithful and true teammate has your back on and off the court. These team friends lended lots of hands to help Maddie up the steps!

Smiling now....but on the court these girls put on their game faces and give it all they've got!

Don't let the sweet looks fool you....this is a group of tough soccer players who fight hard for every ball!
Darian Fetters, Hannah Grimes, Kayla Straub, Megan Ooghe

The Team's M&M's! (Maddie and Megan)

Hannah and Megan

Team Photos