Mini Olympics Brambley Style

For fitness this morning the girls were divided into 5 teams and then they had to pick a country for a team name. We had Australia, Wales, Turkey, Spain, and Kenya. As the girls finished their events they were scored. Australia came out as the gold medal winners.
Here are some highlights!

Australia takes home the gold!
Kayla, Carrie, Marlena, Darian

Leap frog
Veronica and Monica

Anything a wrestler can do...we can do better!

Push the ball and pull the ball - probably seemed like 5 miles
worth of field the competitors had to cover!
Darian and Makayla

It would be just too easy to run forwards...these girls
were racing running backwards!

Veronica with a sprint to the finish line

The serpent line - these ball handlers had to weave in and
out of cones across the field and then sprint back to the finish

Goalie Rolls - Hannah Miller

Of course our goalie knows exactly how to do these - Erin!

The brutal seal crawls - Carrie and Erin

Kristin, Darian, and Emalee

Team Photos