....and who will win the cheer/song competition?

On Monday the girls were told they would compete in a grade-level cheer/song competition that would be judged on Friday after lunch. Each category was ranked on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the best). Total possible points were 60.

Here was the criteria:
Display - The girls were creative with their props and costumes.
Cheer/Song - Words were relevant to Bedford High School Girl's Soccer.
Presentation - Showed Spirit and Enthusiasm.
Organized - Each member knew what to do and no time was wasted.
Overall Cheer/Song.
Deduct 5 points for going over 2 minutes.

Here was the outcome:
1st place - Sophomores
2nd place - Juniors
3rd place - Seniors (the terrible two who will score on you!)
4th place - Freshman

Thanks to the judges: Brad May (7th grade Language Arts), Nikki Dibuono (Spanish), Todd Roadman (local business owner)

We're already looking forward to next year's competition!

The Sophomores - I'm thinking there's a theme going on here!

Kelsey Mortimore got recruited by the Juniors to be their
guitar player...I think this is going to be good!

Paint on the face.....now this is getting serious!
Veronica Jeffries

Team Photos